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Anonymous asked: hi, who makes the picture from your twitter labeled as "swear to god I'm faded. I'm from new orleans and I'm looking to get some dope cover art made for a project I'm working on. Can I pay someone to make a picture like that of myself?

Email: for enquiries.

disaronno asked: My soundcloud is filled with your shit now. Only guys in the UK doing this and doing it well.

You need to hear that NEW NEW

Anonymous asked: You guys need to come to NYC/US, your music is too dope ily

Of course.

olive393 asked: i love your album art! i used a bunch of your album art designs as decorations for my dorm wall! where does your inspiration for them come from?

Sometimes you have to look up more.

Anonymous asked: l love Lnip #ParisArmy hope you guys all the best <333 and definitely gonna watch a show


Anonymous asked: Guys, u are fucking awesome,your sounds makes me high everyday n night. Big respect and love from Russia & waiting for your new stuff!

That global love

Anonymous asked: Yo you guys need a clothing range it would be dope af! + whens your next perfomance round London #parisarmy

Both are coming & Both will be crazyyyy