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Anonymous asked: where can i see more of your visual work?

'Pure' short film coming soon

Anonymous asked: lnip definitely is my biggest inspiration. Truelly all day long I'm a 15 year old white boy who lives in fucking belgium but i promise y'all im gonna make it bruh, y'all better come to belgium this summer. See ya when im famous #parisarmy

We’ll see you there little homey

Anonymous asked: i have mad respect for LNIP for many reasons: it's more than just music - you do art, visuals, sounds, you're creating an app, a video to go with Pure, the workload is crazy and you create genius; The topics of the songs, the selected sounds, the beats, the flows, make more than just music - you don't create stereo typical bangers that can be played at your local house party or whatever, you make the deep meaningful shit. I appreciate that, makes me think deeper than weed, brew and bitches. Love

We appreciate it

Glad you get it

Can’t wait to share this next project